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  • A Typical Month's Work

    Each month, a client can expect a variety of SEO tasks to be performed on their behalf. Depending on the package chosen, monthly tasks include:

    • Business Citation Building
    • Submission to Directories
    • Keyword Link Building
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Custom Blogs Publication
    • Article Content Creation
    • Article Content Distribution

  • System Analysis

    Each client can expect a system analysis of their campaign. This will track keyword ranking progress and notify the account manager of any successes or problems with rankings. The system will also alert account managers when keyword link-building tasks have been exhausted as well as notify them if reallocation of work is needed in order to give optimal results.

  • Next Phase

    Maintain Rankings and Evaluate Additional Keywords and URLs

    Once the campaign’s initial goals have been met, and a client is ranking for the keyword(s) originally being optimized, we put the original campaign into a status to maintain rankings. We then consult with the client about additional keyword terms or other URLs they should use to increase their online presence and search-ability. Once those have been identified, the cycle of monthly optimization work continues and the client's presence continues to grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Account Setup and Review

    All SEO programs begin with an account set up and review process. This includes a welcoming phone call to ensure your SEO Analyst has all of your correct business information along with a clear understanding of your business and goals.

  • Keyword Selection Consultation

    During the Welcome Call we will learn about your company and discuss keyword selection for your business. We will recommend effective keywords based on your budget, research on your industry, and a competitive website analysis.

  • Account Management

    An Account Manager will review clients’ website rankings on a regular basis and contact the client if there is anything urgent that the client will need to change. They will manage and sometimes change the link building tasks based on proven SEO techniques. If a client has been ranking in the top 3 positions for a keyword phrase for 3 consecutive months and feels the time has come to evaluate new keyword phrases to focus on and expand their rankings, they may request assistance from an Account Manager.

  • Dedicated Account Management

    A Specific Dedicated Account Manager will make monthly phone calls to go over the success of the current campaign. They will review clients' website rankings on a regular basis and contact the client if there is anything urgent that the client will need to change. They will manage and sometimes change the link building tasks based on proven SEO techniques Clients may also expect assistance from their Account Manager if the time comes to evaluate a new keyword to focus on and expand their rankings. These clients will be contacted when these evaluations become necessary.

  • Onsite Edit Recommendation

    The purpose of an onsite edit recommendation is to add the keywords to the client's website in the meta title, meta description, and at least one image alt tag. This helps search engines to connect the client's website with the keyword, bringing more relevance to the page. Suggested changes are sent to the client in PDF form. From there the client is able to make the changes to their website or have someone make them on their behalf.

  • Onsite Edit Implementation

    An onsite edit implementation is carried out, per the client's request, after the creation of the recommendation. Our preferred process is to implement the suggested changes directly to a client’s website for them. We follow the changes previously suggested in the onsite edit recommendation for the meta title, meta description, and alt tags. Any changes made will be sent to the client in PDF form.

  • Google, Yahoo, & Bing Submissions

    Submissions to Google, Yahoo, and Bing are one of the ways we make sure that your website gets seen by the three main search engines. It is one of the first steps to begin the ranking process. After all, if the search engines don't know your site exists, they can't list it. Before optimizing for a search engine can occur, you first have to be part of its index. This can be done when we log in for you and use the search engine's toolbox resources to enter your URL to Google and Bing. Yahoo searches are powered by Bing, so they do not require a separate submission.

  • Google My Business Local Profile

    A correctly optimized Google My Business Local profile can be a strong factor in positively affecting your company's overall SEO campaign. We will create and optimize your Google My Business Local profile with all the necessary and supplemental information needed, including your website. This will create a blended listing which will help your organic listing by moving it up into the local search results. Additionally, we will find and merge multiple listings so that there is consistent information (a key component to ranking well). This will also ensure that the maximum amount of link juice goes toward your site.

  • Business Citation Building

    Building business citations brings your business address, email, website, and phone number into one easy to reference location. When built across a variety of social media sites, including places like the Bing Business Portal, Yahoo Listings, Manta, Yellow Book, Foursquare, and Yelp, your website not only becomes more accessible to potential online customers, but it also increases the validity of your site with search engines.

  • Submission to Directories

    When submitting to website directories, we input your basic business information. At its most simple, this information includes a title for your website, your URL, a description of your business, and the selection of a relevant category. Both the title and description use your selected keywords so that your website is tied to those search terms. Further value from directories comes from the creation of links pointing towards your site, as well as the added validation that comes from having it reviewed by an actual person before it is accepted into the directory. This gives search engines an additional reason to trust your site when they find it listed in various directories. The image shows how this looks once published.

  • Keyword Link Building

    For this task our system finds websites related to your selected keywords. Individual members of our team review these sites and determine if they are truly applicable to the keyword. For sites that are relevant, we compose a short, unique comment about the content of the website and your specific keyword, including a link back to your site. By associating these two components, it tells search engines that you are knowledgeable and a trustworthy source. In the example, our comment is added under the name “Brett Rodgers” and the text “graphic design” links to our client's website.

  • Social Bookmarking

    When members of our team complete this task, they are essentially compiling a list of their “favorite” sites in one handy location. Each social bookmarking site serve as kind of a personal library for the creation and storage of preferred links – including yours. Because the bookmarks are public, they can be viewed by other people and can draw their traffic to your site. Additionally, they also serve as incoming links to your site, which is one of the primary ways search engines determine ranking.

  • Custom Blogs Content

    Custom content for blogs are shorter pieces, usually around two paragraphs. Your keywords are used multiple times in each post and are linked back to your website at publication. Each post is written to be unique and relevant, and we take great care when it comes to preventing plagiarism. All blog post are unique to the website they are created for, blogs are not re-purposed or used by multiple sites. In the SEO world, blog posts matter because they show search engines that people think those keywords are important enough to be talked about. Blogs also create a base of long-lasting links to your site.

  • Custom Blogs Publication

    After your blog post has been written, it gets reviewed for grammatical errors and originality. They are also reviewed for quality, meaning it must be accurate and relevant in regards to your keywords. After passing through this process, your blog will then be published to one of several valuable blogging sites.

  • Articles Content Creation

    Articles differ from blog creation in many ways. On a superficial level, they are much longer and your keywords are used more times with more links back to you. Additionally, they are thoroughly researched and fact based, which lends you a level of authority. With articles, we are trying to help establish you as an expert in regards to your keywords. This increases your credibility with search engines.

  • Article Content Distribution

    Articles go through a similar review process as blogs, but instead of being published on our own network of sites, articles are submitted to popular and authoritative websites. Some of these include Hubpages and Squidoo. These sites distribute content on a national level, giving your keywords and your business a wider audience.

  • Aged Article Inclusion

    We crawl the web to find relevant articles that have been published within the last few months to few years. We then work with the site owner to get your business mentioned in the article(s) with a link back to your website. This will increase your authority online and should bring more ready-to-buy prospects to your site.

  • Infographic Syndication

    An infographic was created for you and shared to 10 infographic directories. This will help bring in a bigger audience for your business and diversify your content (an important factor in Google rankings).


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