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SMART Digital Ads (Paid Traffic)

Visit the Forms Tab for a FREE Traffic Analysis - $297 worth of value

Paying for online traffic can be a powerful tool for most businesses. A recent survey found that 42% of small and medium businesses consider buying traffic from sites like Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn to be the most effective marketing method available to them — better than their own websites or email lists!  Paid Traffic can produce results quickly and is one of the best ways to help a business get consistent traffic from relevant search results and other websites.

With one of our Paid Traffic Campaign packages, we will determine which is the best advertising platform (i.e. Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, or LinkedIn) to target the people looking for your products or services.  You can help dramatically increase your chances of getting found by these potential customers, by using one of our Paid Traffic Campaign packages.  We offer packages to fit your budget and desired marketing results.

Watch Videos Below For Examples

Chiropractor Example

Solar Company Example

iParts and Phone Repair Example

How We Can Help You
How many hats do you wear in a day while running your business? Do you feel overwhelmed at times?  Are you confused by the ever-changing online world we live in?  We know there are lots of choices that need to be made every day. You know how to run your business.  We know digital marketing and web site design. Let’s work together to grow your business and make your digital marketing easy.

Success Formula
The formula is simple: Traffic + Conversion = New Customers = Profits! We are experts in web site design, development, and digital marketing. We can build or redesign your web site so that it not only makes your business look good but has strong marketing principles embedded. As digital marketing professionals, we know how to make your web site convert visitors into customers! After all, aren’t new customers the bottom line for your business?

Working With Us
Trust and Partnership. These are two our of most important values when working with you and your business. We don’t do any long term contracts to “trap” you into giving us money.  Instead, we give you a return on investment every month. We have clients that love us and the results they have been getting from Pegasus Online Marketing for many years.

Visit the Forms Tab for a FREE Traffic Analysis - $297 worth of value)
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does this service include ad spend?
A. No. You will need to pay for the ad spend in addition to this service.

Q. How much more will I need to spend to make my paid traffic campaign successful?
A. This will vary depending on several factors. What advertising platform i.e. Google AdWords, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Also, your industry type and location just to name a few more.

Q. Do I get to choose which advertising platform my campaign is running on?
A. Yes. You can choose from Google AdWords, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Q. Are my campaign dollars paid to Pegasus?
A. No. The amount of money you decide to spend on ads are paid directly to Google AdWords, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Only your campaign management fee is paid directly to Pegasus.

Q. Is there a limit to how much I can spend on ads?
A. Yes. This will vary depending on which package you have.

Q. What is the smallest amount of ad dollars that I can spend while still seeing results?
A. Generally, you should dedicate at least $300 dollars each month in order to be effective. This comes out to $10/day in ad spend. The best thing to do is to consult with Pegasus so they can look at all the factors that play into your business model, your industry, and location, etc.

Visit the Forms Tab for a FREE Traffic Analysis - $297 worth of value

Barbara C.
Pegasus Online Marketing has helped me to increase my business traffic by more than 35%. I had been thinking of creating a website for some time, but it felt like it would take a lot of time and effort, and being a sole proprietor, I kept putting it off. Pegasus Online Marketing helped me with the website design and I was able to give him the information I wanted with his ideas and direction. He made it much easier than I had imagined. Now with pegasus Online Marketing’s help with driving traffic to my website, keeping current blogs, and watching trends, I am continuing to get new clients every week. I highly recommend Franklin and Pegasus Online Marketing to any business needing website services. Just be prepared to increase your business!

Susan G.
Pegasus redesigned and updated our website. It was wonderful working with them to update our website and online exposure. They are knowledgeable and followed through with all and more to give us a better presence online. Franklin really listened to what we said about our company. Great!

Lori Ann S.
I have worked with Franklin for the last couple of years and must tell you that Pegasus Online marketing has greatly increased our revenue and our flow of business. They are extremely effective in online marketing as well as web sites. I am very happy with the work Pegasus Online Marketing does for our company and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase their business.

Dr. Louis R.
Pegasus has designed and built two websites for me. I deal directly with Franklin, who owns the company. He is thoroughly professional and follows through on every step of the process. My experience with Pegasus has been outstanding. Clients, as well as friends, have told me how good the sites look. I can recommend this company without reservation.

Joan S.H.
I went to Pegasus with the vague idea of incorporating a saffron flower into the design of a new website. Franklin and his team took my idea and ran with it. Using the colors from a representation of the flower, they created a perfect reflection of what I wanted to portray. They drew from me words like soft, elegant, inviting, and compelling and then managed to create a site that embodies those qualities. The support I’ve received throughout the process has been far beyond what was expected. With infinite patience and good humor, Franklin has taught me the basics of how to edit my site and begin to blog. It’s obvious that Pegasus is a business that genuinely wants their clients to succeed and works in partnership to make that happen.
Digital Ads (Paid Traffic) Packages
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Value Package

Pro Package

Gold Package

Platinum Package
To purchase this package please call Pegasus at (503) 746-8311

Visit the Forms Tab for a FREE Traffic Analysis - $297 worth of value
Remember to add at least 2 to 3 competitors websites

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Franklin Spicer

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