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Raising capital is critical for businesses to grow. Financing also helps businesses manage cash flow, purchase new assets and inventory, and make improvements. Unfortunately, qualifying for a bank loan can be difficult, and can take months to secure a loan. Large banks decline 75% of small business applicants.


There are numerous types of business financial products, and our experienced team works with you to determine the right fit based on a number of factors. For example, we’ll consider your credit, business finances, time in business, and your reason for the loan. Together we will select which loan product or products we apply for!

Term Loans

You receive a lump sum of cash upfront, which you then repay with interest over a predetermined time period.

As low as 3.5% fixed rate for a 12-month loan

Line of Credit

You can access funds up to your credit limit and pay interest only on the money you’ve drawn.

As low as 4.8% interest

Accounts Receivables Financing

You receive an upfront cash payout by selling your future earnings at a discount

As low as a factor of 1.2x

SBA Loans

A loan for small businesses that is partially guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.

As low as 6.5% APR over a 5 to 25-year period; Borrow $500 to $5.5M

Equipment Loans

Receive funds to purchase specific equipment.

The loan term is based on the expected the life span of the equipment and the equipment serves as collateral for the loan.

How it Works

1.  Contact your Merchant Services Rep OR complete the contact form (hyperlink)

2.  Speak with a Lending Specialist who will match you with financial products (hyperlink) based on your needs. Ask any questions you have!

3.  Submit documents based on the selected financial product. Documents may include financial statements, tax returns, and bank statements.

4.  When approved, receive funds in your business bank account.


Your Lending Specialist serves as your advocate and is there for you throughout the entire process! Our Lending Team has helped businesses receive over $600M in financing.

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When contacting the vendor make sure you let them know you are with Agora Advantage

Please contact Steve Brown first

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