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It’s no secret every business is looking for the same thing which is more customers, clients, or patients.  So, if you or your clients need more leads then you are in the right place.

Good leads are tough to find and often very expensive.  Even then, many of them are worthless.  That is why Agora knew it needed to do something and we did.
We found a fantastic source of leads.  It doesn’t matter what niche or what city. We can provide you or your clients with quality leads at a fraction of what any lead broker would ever charge.  Yes, a fraction!

While we can’t tell you our source but what we can tell you is that we can deliver quality leads for .50¢ and under. These leads have more data and information than you will ever need regarding information.

Our leads can provide all of the following:  Company Name, Address, City, Website URL, Owners name, email, Google Data, Reputation, SEO, rankings, YouTube information and so much more.

Everything is delivered in an easy to open and easy to understand CSV file. This will be provided to you in 72 hours or less.  These lead sources are some of the best in the business.


When comparing these leads to other sources, you will find numbers like $2, up to $8 per lead. We charge a max of just .50¢ 

So, if you are on the fence or struggling with finding hot prospects give our Power Leads a try.  You will be amazed!

At RT Marketing we are constantly looking for opportunities.  Not only for our Agora friends but also for ourselves. When we find a source so remarkable, like the Power Leads we knew we had to share it.
With almost 28 million small business owners in the US, we know there is plenty to go around.

So, if you or your clients need quality business leads complete with more information than you could ever use, then this is the spot!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are these leads current?
A. Yes, the system we are using is constantly updating the multiple lead sources that are used for the latest up to the minute information.

Q. What happens if I order leads and they are not any good in terms of the information in the CVS file?
A. Well if that did happen, and it won’t, then we would supply you with leads that meet your guidelines.
Q. How many other people are using these leads?
A. That is tough to answer.  In reality, there are tens of thousands of cities and thousands of business niches in the US so the probability of someone using the same list would be very slim.

Q. Do I own the leads or is this a one-time usage like many lead brokers sell?
A. All the leads we provide you are yours and you can use them as often as you want without any additional charges.  You paid for them you own them.

Q. Are there any restrictions on what businesses I can get leads for?
A. No, once you place your order you will be taken to a page with a few questions where you can fill in any niche you want?

Q. Are you able to provide specific niche leads like cosmetic dentist versus say just dentists?
A. Yes, as you probably already know the riches are in the niches so go for it.

Q. Do I receive discounts based on the number of leads I order?
A. Yes, the more you order the lower the price.

Q. Does this only work in the US?
A. Yes, at least for now.

Q. Do you provide guidance on how best to use the list?
A. Yes, once you place your order we will help you with the marketing to the list by providing proven emails that get results.

Q. How often can I order the leads?
A. As often as you want.

Wow, these leads are great and I’m actually getting a much better response than expected.  J.W.

I needed leads in a very small niche and was able to get hundreds.  I’m so happy!  M.H.

We used the leads and were thrilled.  Will be back for more soon.  B.H.

Amazing stuff is all I can say saved me a ton of money and time.  M.G.

We sell a unique product only to restaurants so we needed something very specific and the leads we received were perfect.  R.D.

We are in the hydro energy filed and needed to find possible end users.  Our list was great.  M.B.

Bronze Package (100 Leads)
$50/One-Time Charge
(Cost Per Lead .50¢)

Silver Package (200 Leads)
$90/One-Time Charge
(Cost Per Lead .45¢)

Gold Package (300 Leads)
$120/One-Time Charge
(Cost Per Lead .40¢)

Platinum Package (500 Leads)
$175/One-Time Charge
(Cost Per Lead .35¢)

Platinum Package (1.000 Leads)
$299/One-Time Charge
(Cost Per Lead .29¢)


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